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Story editing for film

Story editing for film by Colin Thomas - Vancouver Editor

The film industry is scrupulous about story structure. I will guide you through the three-act model and show you how liberating it can be. In each round of story editing, I provide the writer with extensive notes. I applaud what’s working, and I identify areas where the story could be strengthened, opening up new possibilities.

“Thanks to you, my characters are running towards the script, instead of scattering in all sorts of unmotivated directions. I am thrilled to write today, instead of terrified. Thanks for helping me find my story … and my sanity.” Nettie Wild, director and screenwriter of Hunger and A Place Called Chiapas (Genie Award: Best Documentary)

This is all incredibly helpful, especially the three-act structure. Thank you! Thank you!” Letitia Sears, screenwriter, The Ambassadors

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