It’s my birthday! Give me something!

Colin Thomas is a Vancouver theatre critic.

Keep this girl gainfully employed. She’s not somebody you want to run into on the street.

This post is shameless. It’s my birthday and I want you to give me something. But wait! You’ll benefit too!

Last year, just after I’d written all of my Fringe reviews, the Straight told me that the paper no longer required my services as a critic. Since then, I’ve been scheming about how to survive financially while continuing to write about theatre.

I have a plan. I’m playing the long game. All details will be revealed in the fullness of time.

But here’s something you can do to help right now—because it’s my birthday, and because it’s important to ensure the survival of independent theatre criticism: subscribe to my newsletter and invite at least one other friend to do so. (Feel free to share this post widely.)

The faster I build my subscriber list, the sooner I’ll be able to sell advertising—and eat. (I loved that eating thing. I miss it.)

Subscribers will get weekly updates of all of my theatre doings, including my reviews. There will be contests—and prizes. And, when the full plan kicks in, you’ll have front-row seats as I take over the media universe. Hell, you’ll be part of the conquering army.




About Colin Thomas

Colin Thomas is a Vancouver-based editor, an award-winning playwright, and an established theatre critic. Colin helps writers unlock the full potential of their novels, short stories, screenplays, and children's books.


  1. good luck with this Colin !

  2. Start a Patreon until you get advertisers. N

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