Increasing the diversity of voices in theatre criticism

Are you a person of colour who would like to develop their chops as a theatre critic or maybe just reach a wider audience? In the interests of creating more diversity in Vancouver’s community of theatre critics, I’d like to offer my mentorship/support/whatever I can. 

I’m open to discussing how this might work, depending on the needs and desires of the person I’m working with—and there’s only going to be one at a time. Here are some of the possibilities that have come to mind so far: we could talk about what I’ve learned—and what I continue to learn—about writing reviews and situating myself in the broader theatre community; I could help you to polish your material, if you’re into that; I could help you to get a toehold by posting your reviews on my blog or by linking from my blog to yours.

I’d also like to be able to draw from your experience and analysis as I negotiate my relationship, as a white theatre critic, to the experiences of people of colour.

I hope that I get some responses to this initiative. Assuming that I will get more than one, I’d like to ask potential participants to submit a sample review of anywhere from 200 to 500 words. It would also be great if you could tell me how you see the mentorship/support going. What can I offer you? What can you offer me? What would your goals be in this process?

And, if you could tell me a bit about why you think your perspective is underrepresented, that would be great, too. My sense, for instance, is that younger voices seldom get a lot of attention.

Please feel free to share this offer as widely as you see fit.

And we’ll see what happens. ?

Folks who are interested can contact me through the email address on my blog.

About Colin Thomas

Colin Thomas is a Vancouver-based editor, an award-winning playwright, and an established theatre critic. Colin helps writers unlock the full potential of their novels, short stories, screenplays, and children's books.

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