Hiro Kanagawa’s Indian Arm is worth the effort

Indian Arm, Richard Russ, Rumble Theatre

Richard Russ is one of the strong actors in Rumble Theatre’s Indian Arm

In the land of theatre, the pick is easy this week. And, as a bonus, I’ve got a couple of movies for you.

Hiro Kanagawa’s Indian Arm just runs for two more nights (until April 18) at Studio 16. Get in if you can. Kanagawa’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf is challenging, but the pay-off is worth it, thanks, in part, to the exemplary performances of many in the cast, including Jennifer Copping and Gerry Mackay. Indian Arm, which is set in our local fjord, is about selfishness and sharing in the context of sex—and land claims.

And I saw a couple of movies this week that are so good that I have to tell you about them. (Yes, I also like movies, but that doesn’t mean that I love theatre less, so settle down.)

Suzanne Crocker’s All the Time in the World is about the nine months that she and her family spent living in a remote cabin in the Yukon. The movie is such a sensual treat, the kids are so charming, and life in the bush is so appealing that you’ll want Crocker and her husband to adopt you. There’s one more showing: April 18 at 1:30 at the Vancity Theatre.

Also at the Vancity Theatre (April 18, 3:20), you can catch Madeleine Grant’s The Backward Class, which is about the first group of kids from India’s Untouchable class to get decent educations—and what happens when they sit their university entrance exams. Very moving and very important.

If you see all three shows on Saturday, you’ll be culturally well-rounded, but exhausted. Pick one.

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  1. Just an FYI – Gerry Mackay spells his name with a ‘G’ not a ‘J’!

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