Sex with 2 pianos and 4 hands may be maladjusted

Broken Sex Doll, Virtual Stage, Benjamin Elliott

Gili Roskies and Benjamin Elliott get a tingly feeling in Broken Sex Doll

Wondering what to see this weekend? There’s a smorgasbord, I tell ya, a smorgasbord.

At the Cultch, Andy Thompson’s often-hilarious Broken Sex Doll offers a chance to see rising star Benjamin Elliott—and a couple of guys in jockstraps and lots of women in spandex. It’s a futuristic musical about porn.

Sex Doll isn’t quite as polished—yet—as 2 Pianos, 4 Hands, which is finishing up its farewell tour at the Arts Club’s Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, but Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt, who wrote and perform this piece about their real-life childhood dreams of becoming concert pianists, have done the show over 900 times together. Part of the miracle here is that 2 Pianos is as fresh and as funny as ever. It’s terrific.

And so, I hear, is Headlines Theatre’s maladjusted, an interactive piece about the delivery of mental health services. I haven’t had a chance to see this show, which is playing the Firehall, but I’m going to try to squeeze in. You should too.

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