The many colours of Blind Date

Rebecca Northan unleashes Mimi in Blind Date

Two of the last three nights, I’ve been at Rebecca Northan’s Blind Date at the Cultch. That’s how good it is.

In the show, Northan’s red-nosed clown character, Mimi, picks a guy from the audience. In the ensuing improvised performance, they go on a date together.

Northan is a fantastically agile improviser. I thought that both of the guys I saw her work with were pretty challenging. I’m not knockin’ ’em but both were wary. Ultimately, thanks to Northan’s frankness and support, they both came through big time. But I’d love to see a show in which the guy gave himself more readily.

In the performance I missed, Northan picked a shy 20-year-old. Apparently, as the evening unfolded, it became clear that he had never been on a date before and had never kissed a woman. So he had his first kiss in front of 200 people—and he got a story that he can tell for the rest of his life. Ai yi yi.

Because it varies so much every night, I can easily imagine seeing this show again and again.

And I’ll have a chance to do just that; the show runs until October 7. For my complete review in the Georgia Straight, go here:


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