Safe Mexico

I got back from Mexico City on Friday. Despite dire warnings from nearly every Canadian I talked to, I am still alive and I had a fantastic trip. The people are warm, the museums are unbelievable and EcoBici, the city bike system, is liberation itself. My pal Luis and I even went on a road trip to Patzcuaro (colonial city) and Ixtapa (the beach). The states we drove through are dangerous and you have to be careful, but Luis is Mexican, which I found reassuring, and we drove on toll roads during the day. The journey never felt scary and the rewards were huge: think colonial city at twilight and surf that treats you like a rough lover.
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  1. I KNEW YOU WOULD LIKE IT. Did you take the the bus to Ixtapa? Is the bike thing new? I totally missed that. You’ll have to tell me about it, as THAT fills me with terror. I feel… vindicated. Maybe that’s not right, but I know what you mean about telling all the “OHMYGODYOU’REGONNADIE” people to suck it. xo

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