Nice Box


It’s so skillful.

Carmen Aguirre’s autobiographical solo show, Blue Box, is not only exploding with hot content—Aguirre chronicles both her relationship with a wild Chicano lover who first appeared to her in a vision and her years in the Chilean underground resisting Pinochet—it’s also delivered with huge technical control.

Aguirre is a massively confident performer. And Brian Quirt has directed her extremely well. Aguirre has multiple narrative threads on the go and, with simple turns of the head and changes of intonation, she flips from one to the other—sometimes covering several within the space of minutes—and you never get lost. Very impressive.

That’s why Blue Box is my pick this week.

If you want to see some excellent acting, including from newcomer Chris Lam, check out 100 Saints You Should Know at Pacific Theatre.

Full reviews of Blue Box, 100 Saints, and Grey Gardens will all soon be on


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