Up Close and Dysfunctional

If you can get in, the show to see this week is Bob Frazer’s production of Hedda Gabler at Roedde House in the West End.

Anna Cummer (above) plays Hedda and, in Cummer’s interpretation, Hedda feels almost sociopathic; it’s clear that she just doesn’t understand the feelings of people around her yet, paradoxically, she longs for beauty. Very nice.

And, playing the much more sympathetic Thea Elvsted, Dawn Pettern delivers the best work I’ve seen her do.

My take is that the melodramatic script would be more at home in a less intimate setting. That said, it’s great to watch these actors working at such close range. You can check out my full review at straight.com.

Hedda Gabler runs at Roedde House until March 31, but they only let in 20 people a night, so book now if you can.

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